When you're far and we're apartI'm really missing you I wanna be where you are

So don't pay no mind to whatever people say
Whenever it is in my life I'll be on time
'Cause you know why there's no standing in my way


I'm breakin down, I just can't take it anymore, oh no
I won't let you go, you know I'm comin for you
No matter what it's gonna take I gotta make this move
You're the one that I chose, you know I'm comin for you

And I just can't go another day
Without you next to me, oh, oh…

Como quisiera ser la lluvia en ti
Cayendo sobre tu piel
Como quisiera ser el sol en ti
Estar en donde estes
Como quisiera ser el cielo sobre ti
Para verte amanecer
Para tenerte siempre muy cerca de mi
Como quisiera ser